Mr. Berger often stated to numerous people that "This Work Belongs To Women".  Mr. Berger called it a "changing paradigm" and stated that some men would not be happy to hear this.  Mr. Berger often tells people their future roles or who they were in a previous incarnation.  

This information is placed here to verify the genesis of the idea of women (or a woman) in leadership was generated by Mr. Berger, himself.

The following was written verbatim, October 25, 2018 in the presence of Joseph F, Mr Crowell and Roberta, as well as others.  Mr Berger is specifically speaking to Roberta, as he stated she will be "like Huldah, the prophetess".
Mr Berger : "There is a passage on the plates that tells the story of Lehi in his youth in Jerusalem. At the time when the prophet (?) was not believed as a prophet yet, and others prophets were taken to Babylon. Ezekiel. These days in Jerusalem there was no priesthood of Melchizedek, among the people. King Josiah needed to consult the Lord but there was no way to do this without prophets and with out the priesthood. So he sent glad for there are in the women the gift of grace. Mauricio said- I will show Huldah. 2 kings 23:14 Huldah, The Prophetess– To know if any…SHE dwelt in Jerusalem in the “college.  That is why I say that *this work belongs to women*. " October 25, 2018
Mr Berger:  "XXX and XXXX may find it bad , but it is *the principle of changing a paradigm*. It will be very important in the future for people to know that a woman has participated in the study committee." (Here Mr. Berger is speaking of Roberta being on the "first study committee"   October 25, 2018
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