It is a fact that  The Cause of Zion non-profit corporation unwittingly participated in Priestcraft in the past.  The Cause of Zion did send nearly $50,000.00 to the group in Brazil associated with the book "the sealed book of mormon".  (It is our firm conclusion that the aforementioned book has no resemblance nor connection to The Book of Mormon.)  We did so believing them to be honest and upright men of God and families in need who had established themselves as a "united order" through which countless others would be charitably supported towards a godly, moral life.  We have Directors who have since visited the families, personally, and see there is no financial need, no hunger, no homeless among any of the people which are referred to as "missionaries", especially not the chief leaders-one of which maintains two homes and another whose family lives in a large beautiful home by the beach with a swimming pool.  We have also witnessed that the men are indeed, able bodied young men and choose to not be employed.  We have witnessed that the men are not full time missionaries, as we were led to believe.  We have also witnessed that there is no "united order".  While we are aware that the group in Brazil associated with "the sealed book of mormon" continues to solicit to be supported financially by many Saints across the globe (at a cost of approximately $10,000.00 per month or more), even though a recent message was issued to those men that they would now be on vacation until perhaps February.  The Cause of Zion non-profit ceased sending all money to Brazil in early August, 2019 and will not send anymore monies to the leader nor his "employees" nor will we support his work in anyway.
The Cause of Zion continues to support those truly in need in their Zionic efforts but will not participate in Priestcraft any longer.
We regret tremendously being fraudulently pulled into the Brazil scheme and are currently investigating legal re-course as well as have notified the proper authorities, both in the USA and Brazil, regarding the matter.
Board of Directors
The Cause of Zion
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