I requested, in writing, to have my name removed as a "witness" from the book "The Sealed Book of Mormon", effective Monday October 14, 2019. I have not and do not accept any calling, title, place, status, position or office which came from that group as I believe they are not callings which are from God. I have been deceived and have then shared and possibly led others to the deception. I have said and done many things which I regret immensely and I have repented of it all. I have asked the forgiveness of God and ask the forgiveness of any that I have caused to stumble, any that I have sinned against or any that have been led to the deception through my efforts.
I stand firm in my testimony of the truth of the Restoration through the prophet, Joseph Smith Jr. and the truth found within the pages of the Bible, the Book of Mormon and the book of Doctrine and Covenants. My hope and my faith stand resolute in the God of Israel, the plan of salvation and the calling of the Saints of God to gather to Jackson County, Missouri according to the instructions of the Almighty God through Joseph Smith Jr., with full purpose and intent to bring about the cause of Zion in preparation for the return of Jesus Christ where He will dwell among His people for a thousand years.
I praise God for His redeeming love. I'm forever thankful to the Holy Spirit that continues to strive with mankind despite our ignorance and disobedience. I am in awe of the mercy and grace of Christ, that saves such a sinner as me from the guile of the adversary, the deceptions of this world and myself.
In the light of His enduring love, mercy and truth,
Roberta 11.01.19
It has come to my attention that there is some uncertainty regarding my personal beliefs and thoughts regarding what has become known as the "Brazil movement", which claims to have it's roots in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which church was restored through the true Prophet, Joseph Smith Jr in 1830.
I do not believe that anyone associated with the "Brazil movement" or their book which they call the "Sealed Book of Mormon" has ever seen, stood in the presence of, nor has been lifted up by angelic beings or spacecrafts.  I do not believe that the leader has received any keys into his body by angelic beings thereby facilitating any translation of the true plates of the Book of Mormon, as has been explicitly told to myself and others.  I believe the markings in the leaders body, which he revealed to myself and others, to be that of self-inflicted wounds intended to give credence to his personal claims.  I do not believe that the "lights" which some of the Brazil group have seen and which they have forwarded recordings to me are "celestial spacecrafts or beings" nor is it logical to ascribe some Godly origin of moving lights in the sky, simply because one does not know the origin of those lights.  (some of those will be posted on the site soon)  I have seen photos from the leader who asserted that the photos were of angels and sundry other other worldly objects and I do not believe them to be true nor of divine origin.  (soon to be posted on this site)
I do not believe that the true Moroni spoke to anyone in Brazil nor do I believe that the leader and his three companions recorded anything on any device, as they have stated from the beginning.  I do not believe that anyone, not Moroni nor any other messenger of God, declared that the leader of the Brazil group is the "gate or door by which all mankind must go through", which title belongs solely to Jesus Christ.  (see #90 of what I believe are his self-written "words of moroni". https://thesealedbookofmormon.org/moroni-recorded/  .  I do not believe that THE Apostle Peter is lingering nor reincarnated and living on the earth today and that he phones, texts and emails the leader of the Brazil group, as the leader explicitly stated to myself and others.  https://thesealedbookofmormon.org/apostle-peter/
 I do not believe that any of that group, are members of the 144,000 "sealed" for all time, as was stated to me.  I do not believe any are members of the Church of the Firstborn, as was stated to me.  My evidence of that is the fact that among the "seven things that God hates" are "lies".  The Brazil group is notorious for attempting to extinguish anything which does not go their way with lies.  If a "revelation" doesn't work out as planned-lie and change it.  If a "calling" doesn't work out as planned or a person (like myself) refuses the calling-lie!  If a "secret" of the leader is revealed-lie!  
 I do not believe that anyone in Brazil has ever had the true plates of the Book of Mormon nor do I believe that the plates that I held and saw are the true plates of the Book of Mormon.  I do not believe that the "interpreters" which I held on two separate occasions and which I did photograph,  are the true interpreters which Joseph Smith Jr. used in anyway in the translation of the true plates of the Book of Mormon, nor do those stones resemble in any way the true interpreters which description is explicitly given by original witnesses of the true plates of the Book of Mormon.  https://journal.interpreterfoundation.org/seers-and-stones-the-translation-of-the-book-of-mormon-as-divine-visions-of-an-old-time-seer/
I do not believe that there certain "magical" key words and symbols, such as holding your hands in the shape of a triangle over a person's head (as I was instructed to do in August, 2019 by the leader himself), and that by using these words, symbols or "talismans" one can connect with the true living God or the Holy Spirit, as stated to me.
 I do not believe that anyone in the group has the true gift of translation, nor do I believe that the book, "the Sealed Book of Mormon" is in anyway related to the true Book of Mormon.   I believe the book is a work of fiction and contains plagiarism from many sources, including a person who was originally called as a "witness".  I do not believe there is a "hidden message upside down and backwards in the Portuguese book, the Sealed Book of Mormon", as I was personally told in the leaders apartment in August, 2019, and if there is a message then I am certain that it is as fictional a message as the book itself.
 I do not believe that the religion spawned from the leader of the Brazil movement has it's origin in the divine will of God.  I do not believe that the Melchizedek priesthood was taken from the earth rendering the need for an angel to revisit the earth and RE-restore such priesthood through the leader of the Brazil movement.   I do not believe that the church was taken again from the earth nor needs to be RE-restored and certainly not through a person who declares himself to be the RE-incarnated, Joseph Smith Jr who now has a completely different body.  I do not believe that anyone is the reincarnated Joseph Smith Jr and Daniel, David Whitmer, Adam, Sarah Lawrence, Brigham Young nor anyone else which has been explicitly stated to myself and others.  When Jesus was resurrected He had the same exact body which He made known to His disciples and those he ministered to. 
I do not believe that two people who are currently married to other people will divorce those current spouses and marry each other which will then render that union blessed with a baby boy that is to be "The One Mighty and Strong".  Neither do I believe that he and she were "glowing" at her recent baptism, at the Brazil conference, and many of us have the true original undoctored photos which verify that truth. 
I do not believe the leader of the movement receives any true revelations from God.  I am personally aware of two revelations which he gave to two of the principals or "witnesses" which then he denied and attempted to change the contents when challenged.
 In brief, I have knowledge that the Brazil group (leaders) has little value for truth and no evidence of the fear of God, which allows them, in my opinion, to continue to perpetrate fraud upon the Saints of God.   I believe that the Brazil group practices priestcraft, persuing a life of ease instead of being honorable men willing to work for their own needs and the needs of their families.  I have witnessed that the leaders (missionaries) spend very minimal time ever doing any kind of charitable nor missionary work.  For a second witness see: https://thesealedbookofmormon.org/sergio-de-moura/
I do believe that there will be a day that the heavens will break forth with more light and truth and when it does, it will come by and through Godly power, not by the vain imaginations of men.  The group is not following after light and truth and in fact stumbles in the dark at mid-day.  I can tell you that from the initial contact of this group with various branches of the Church restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr  (LDS, RLDS, Church of Christ Temple Lot, Strangites, "Restorationists") until this present day, the only constant is their inconsistencies and ever-evolving schemes, dependent upon what the leader is interested in persuing at the moment, be it fame, fortune or women.
As one forgiven I am ready to forgive.  As stated previously I have repented of the entire matter.  The *entire* matter.  In my opinion the entire matter is a lie and a fraud and all will be revealed, in due time.
In the light of His truth,
Roberta 12.12.19
I've been asked to give a statement of my personal financial involvement with the group in Brazil who are involved with a religion focused around a book titled "the sealed book of mormon" and whose leader now claims to be the reincarnated Joseph Smith Jr.  The amount of my personal money that I have sent, beginning in the summer of 2018, is tens of thousands of dollars and is recorded through my personal banking, emails and recorded messages with the leader and his people, and Western Union.  The leader led those who were the "principals" (those of primary or initial contact) to believe that he was in harms way and/or destitute, had no transportation, or any numerous other scenarios for which they were needing financial assistance and for which they solicited funding for.  The principals were also led to believe that an "angelic being" was mandating the payment of money to the leader and his assigns or "missionaries", "or else".  The leader even went so far as to write a "revelation" focusing on myself stating that I must support him, personally (that "revelation" is posted on this website).  I now fully believe that his "revelation", his "angelic being" as well as the alleged threats of harm and his entire scheme are the workings of fiction.  I ceased all financial support in August of 2019.  I am currently consulting legal council related to the fraud and have reported the matter to the appropriate authorities.
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