It is true that Mr. M. A . Berger has declared himself to be both the reincarnated Prophet Daniel and the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr.   This belief is central to his entire plan and has been from the beginning, although not spoken of freely until the fall of 2018.  

Mr. Berger believes that he lived as Daniel the Prophet, wrote a book and sealed it up so that he could then open it, his reincarnated self, and reveal it to the world calling it apparently, "the Sealed Book of Mormon". 

In the interim, he was also reincarnated as Joseph Smith Jr. among whose work it was to restore the Church and the Priesthood to the earth. Mr. Berger believes that the work of Joseph Smith Jr remained unfinished which necessitates him (the reincarnated Joseph Smith Jr) to return and finish the work.  Among his work, this incarnation, is to RE-restore the church and RE-restore the Melchizedek priesthood.

Mr. Berger has also claimed that he will sire, "The One Mighty and Strong".   For those who are somewhat familiar with Mr. Berger you may be aware that he is married with 5 children, three daughters with his current wife and the step father to two of his wife's children from a previous relationship.   Mr. Berger's "advocate"  Mr. Vendimiatti (which he keeps on retainer, paid for with the funds of the Saints in the USA under the title of a "missionary" and now his church "Patriarch") recently announced on social media that the mother of his children is now the EX-wife.   We are also aware that the group headed by Mr Berger also announced on social media, that they do not recognize the laws of the land regarding marriage.   Very convenient timing as the young woman who Mr Berger has apparently chosen to be his (not legal) companion (and future mother to the "One Mighty and Strong") is currently married to someone else and is the mother of two young children.  In a recent photo released of the young woman's baptism by Mr. Berger the group felt the need to make the union appear more significant by altering the photo to appear as if she and he were "glowing".  (original and altered photos to be added soon)   This entire escapade is very confusing as the young woman was previously informed that she is the reincarnated "Sarah Lawrence"- the same "Sarah Lawrence" who Mr Berger declared was the young woman that, while he was previously on the earth in the body of Joseph Smith Jr, he had an adulterous affair with.  He was also known to have said that "this time he must be blind to Sarah" or if he was to be with her again he "will surely lose all his powers".  The young woman first "met" Mr Berger many years ago, through his online social media presence touting his "project Zion" (projetosiao).  {"Project Zion" logo, incidentally, was plagiarized from a Community of Christ  (former RLDS) group called - Project Zion   and who has maintained a facebook presence since July, 2014 }

While there are many Saints who do believe that Joseph Smith Jr will return to the earth to finish his work, I have never met anyone, outside of Mr. Berger, who has remotely suggested that Joseph Smith would be reincarnated and return to earth, a completely different person.   Further, it is perplexing to us why Mr. Berger, who completely believes he is both the reincarnated Joseph Smith Jr and the Prophet Daniel,  would not simply declare that from the beginning of his "work", ten years ago.   Why the need to attempt to engage the LDS, the Temple Lot, the RLDS or even J. F. S., his alleged great Grandson, especially since he declares them all out of order!   If Mr Berger truly believes himself to be Joseph Smith Jr and the Prophet Daniel, why not just declare this to all the world and take his rightful place and proceed to do the "work" that he believes he is called to do?  Why all the intrigue, confusion, constant bait and switch of different "players" in his play?  If he is Joseph he needs no one - apparently not even Jesus Christ as his "moroni" declared that Mr. Berger, NOT Jesus, is the "gate or door" by which all mankind must go through.  - #90

Perhaps all of this reincarnation of what most would consider not one but two "major Prophets" is confusion even in the mind of Mr. Berger.  For we can read Mr Berger stating in his very first email (in the spring of 2017) to J.F.S. that J.F.S. would be his "leader as long as he lives".  Within a year from that statement, Mr Berger was issuing bold statements and even gave a "revelation" stating that J.F.S. was in the wrong and owed another "witness" an apology.  (That revelation was disputed by many and later Mr Berger attempted to alter it, claiming that his cousin's husband actually changed the original revelation.  When discussions ensued, in October of 2018, Mr Berger first changed the revelation and then later said the entire revelation was null and void. ).  Mr Berger repeated this complete allegiance to J.F.S. when, in October of 2018, he knelt before J.F.S.and declared that J.F.S. ( his alleged great grandson) was "his prophet".   However, within just weeks of this , Mr Berger was back to chastising J.F.S. again and the events seemed to spiral downwards until within 2 months (December 2018) there became a split between the two.  Mr Berger issued "warning" after "warning" to the person he first declared to be "his leader until he die" and "his prophet", until finally in August 2019, Mr Berger stated to his men and one other, that "God rejects J.F.S. and J.F.S.".   The irony is that Mr Berger had not even yet announced to the world that God had just restored the First Presidency of the Church, which must be called "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints".  That First Presidency was now to be restored to contain 3 equal members to govern the Church:  1) J.F.S.(as rightful lineal descendant) to President and High Priest of the Melchizedek Priesthood, 2) J.F.(who had just been "set apart" in April of 2019 and declared to be a rightful lineal descendant) to President and High Priest of the Aaronic Priesthood and 3) MS Roberta C (who had just been "set apart" in August 2019 and who was declared to be a rightful lineal descendant) President and President of the Women (she did not receive an ordination of priesthood as Mr Berger declared that she retained both Melchizedek and Aaronic priesthood from the spirit world).

While we are very aware that many people associated with Mr Berger's church are still not accepting all of these claims of reincarnation as truth (and thus apparently compelling Mr Berger to continue to conceal his "true identity") we believe that very soon it will become overwhelmingly obvious as he "set's his hand to bring order to his own church" - complete with his new young companion, the "reincarnated Sarah Lawrence" at his side, the "reincarnated David Whitmer" - Mr Batista as his second member of his "First Presidency" and a his staff advocate and church "Patriarch", Mr Vendimiatti, who believes himself to be none other than - ADAM!    These key reincarnated beings, along with his alleged soon to be progeny (the newborn "One Mighty and Strong") will just about have all of the key endtime figures, locked up in one little group.

We offer the following as evidence of Mr Berger's beliefs regarding reincarnation.  The text of the messages are typed here in English for all those who do not speak Portuguese.   It should be noted that Mr Berger and his group often uses alternate words for common place meaning AND also uses commonly used words and ascribes alternate meaning to them. For example reincarnation they refer to as "eternal round" or "eternal circle" or "eternal cycle".  Baptism, according to Mr Berger, is symbolic of reincarnation itself - one body is laid down in the grave or "sleep" and another body is picked up after the grave or "sleep".  Sacrament is then no longer the remembrance of the one time sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but rather is symbolic of our own journey toward becoming aware of the "matrix", the "eternal round" and finding our way "out of the matrix" or in other words "out of Babylon".  Mr Berger also teaches that illness and diseases are left over unrepentant sins of our former lives.  In one sacrament meeting Mr Berger actually used the example of one of his close relatives and her illness as evidence of unrepentant sin which she brought forward from a former life.

Brothers, for your enlightenment, an event occurred in Zion where Roberta and Joseph announced at their meeting that Mauritius is a fallen prophet because Roberta said to the people of Missouri that Mauritius claims to be reincarnation of Joseph Smith.

This caused discomfort in Zion with our supporters because they do not believe it and questioned the Mauritius about this doctrine. Mauritius had to make a decision, tell the truth about the doctrine of eternal circle, which is necessary for the Work of God happen the way God wants and run the risk of losing the entire US financial support and thus hinder the work, perhaps even derail the conference or reject the doctrine that the Lord will redeem in the future when people are better prepared.

To make that decision, Maurice called the Three Witnesses (including the presiding bishop and the president of the 12) and the first presidency (which includes the Patriarch) to we vote on the decision.
Those who were able to attend emergency were:

1) Maurice Berger
2) John Vendemiatti
3) Joni Batista
4) Wagner Zapenfeld

The decision was unanimous in explaining doctrine and take the risk of losing all of Zion supporters.

Mauritius had already spent a week preparing a material on this subject by revelation from the Lord, as if the Lord already knew all this would happen. And today we spent the day writing an email to our supporters before sending the full material.

We will follow the will of the Lord without fear.

*As a point of clarification and correction, we are informed that Ms Roberta has in fact not attended any meeting wherein she stated that Mr Berger was a "fallen prophet".  We understand from Ms Roberta that had the opportunity arisen at a meeting regarding Mr Berger, she would have stated her true belief and opinion and that is that Mr Berger is not now, nor has he ever been, a Prophet of God.

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