There are many who were principals in the beginning of the "Brazil Movement" who have now left the movement.  By their permission, their statements are posted here.

"We believe that the "Brazil movement" is a lie, a deception and a cult-including the Brazil plates, the Brazil book, the Brazil religion and all things coming from it."

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"I requested, in writing, to have my name removed as a "witness" from the book "The Sealed Book of Mormon", effective Monday October 14, 2019. I have not and do not accept any calling, title, place, status, position or office which came from that group as I believe they are not callings which are from God. I have been deceived and have then shared and possibly led others to the deception. I have said and done many things which I regret immensely and I have repented of it all. I have asked the forgiveness of God and ask the forgiveness of any that I have caused to stumble, any that I have sinned against or any that have been led to the deception through my efforts.

I stand firm in my testimony of the truth of the Restoration through the prophet, Joseph Smith Jr. and the truth found within the pages of the Bible, the Book of Mormon and the book of Doctrine and Covenants. My hope and my faith stand resolute in the God of Israel, the plan of salvation and the calling of the Saints of God to gather to Jackson County, Missouri according to the instructions of the Almighty God through Joseph Smith Jr., with full purpose and intent to bring about the cause of Zion in preparation for the return of Jesus Christ where He will dwell among His people for a thousand years.

I praise God for His redeeming love. I'm forever thankful to the Holy Spirit that continues to strive with mankind despite our ignorance and disobedience. I am in awe of the mercy and grace of Christ, that saves such a sinner as me from the guile of the adversary, the deceptions of this world and myself.

In the light of His enduring love, mercy and truth,"
Roberta 11.01.19

"In view of the many INCONSISTENCIES and UNTRUTHS clearly seen, both by people within their own movement and outside it, it became IMPOSSIBLE for me to remain as a member, as a supporter and as a Missionary with responsibilities to others involved in this movement.
Faced with so many untruths and false "scriptures" and distortions of divine truth, I withdraw from this deception called The Zion Project.
Having a clear conscience before the Project and before my family, I feel at peace that I have so far strictly fulfilled the obligations assigned to me, so I disconnect SPONTANEOUSLY leaving no doubts as to my conduct during the time I was there. Certain of the TOTAL EXEMPTION of any acts that may have been dishonest, or that may be disclosed in the future through concrete evidence of fraud or lies, NOTHING WAS WITH MY CONSENT, and, if there was, it was TOTALLY WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE. Given the endless information discovered by both the main leadership, both from THE ORIGINAL WITNESSES and the specials, the lack of the Divine hand in this movement is UNDENIABLE."
(excerpts from the signed testimony of Sergio de Moura, former "missionary" of "project Zion"
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