The claims of stones which gave the user "revelations", is not new within the church restored through Joseph Smith Jr.  In September 1830, a revelation was received by Joseph Smith Jr to Oliver Cowdery regarding a stone which Hiram Page had in his possession and which he used to "obtain revelations" and which God declared were NOT from Him, but from Satan.

4b And again, thou shalt take thy brother Hiram Page between him and thee alone, and tell him that those things which he hath written from that stone are not of me, and that Satan deceiveth him; for, behold, these things have not been appointed unto him;

Mr. Berger's peepstones, photographed by Roberta, October 2018.


Mr. Berger stated that "his stones tell him things about people and who should be involved, in what way, and what to do."  Mr. Berger also states that he "uses the stones to get a revelation".  It is my personal testimony that Mr. Berger's "stones", if responsible for anything, give him inaccurate information-at best.

“Yesterday I used the stones to receive revelation of the words to be used in Joseph’s appointment to the high priesthood. Because all this is new to me. The revealed words were of Jesus Christ. Valdeci jotted down to receite it for me. As I pronounced my words the Spirit was strong, but when I spoke the words of Jesus on the head of Joseph the Spirit withdrew and a greater power took over my whole being.” Mr. Berger to Roberta and Tyler - October 30, 2018
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