Over about a ten year period of time, Mr. M. A. Berger contacted nearly every "branch" of the Church which was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith Jr., in 1830.  All but one of those attempted contacts were rebuked or ignored altogether.  Only in 2017, when Mr Berger discovered a descendant of Joseph Smith Jr, did he finally gain a foothold in the propagation of his tales.  We have many of those initial contacts with the variety of branches available on this website, including the one received by descendant of Joseph.

Mr Berger contacted the "Restorationists" (members who consider themselves RLDS) in April 2017, through an email sent to Joseph F Smith at a website founded and maintained by Bob Moore. That email is found here:
Within months of that initial contact, which intended to bring the Restorationists under the plans of Mr. Berger, a group identifying themselves as "Quorum of Restoration Apostles" issued a "Detailed Response to the Brazilian Testimonies", an extensive 44 page scriptural counter to the claims of Mr. Berger. https://thesealedbookofmormon.org/restoration-apostles/
In 2010 Mr. Berger contacted the Church of Christ, Temple Lot to bring them under his plans. Attached among those emails are photos of "angels" and "sword of laban". There was some correspondence back and forth but the Temple Lot never fell under Mr. Berger's plans. https://thesealedbookofmormon.org/church-of-christ-temple-lot/
We know that Mr. Berger contacted the LDS and others, but to this date we do not have any of those correspondence.  
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