The following is placed on this website with the permission of Joseph F Smith, great grandson of Joseph Smith Jr, being his true testimony.



Gen 7:70 “And righteousness and truth will I cause to sweep the earth as with a flood, to gather out mine own elect from the four quarters of the earth, unto a place which I shall prepare; an holy city, that my people may gird up their loins, and be looking forth for the time of my coming; for there shall be my tabernacle, and it shall be called Zion; a New Jerusalem."

Righteousness and truth make up the foundation upon which the Gospel of Jesus Christ is based. Jesus is the epitome of that truth and righteousness. The other side of the picture is lies and falsehood, and the first liar, Satan, is the example of that. Rev 21:8 “But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone; which is the second death." Proverbs 6:16-19 "These six things doth the Lord hate; yea, seven are an abomination unto him; A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren."

From the reference above we see some of the things the Lord hates - liars, wicked imaginations, false witness, and we see the eventual end of those that do these things. The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Law of God will not tolerate those who practice these things, nor will the Lord work with them. The flooding of the earth with truth and righteousness promised in the book of Genesis is designed to eliminate those who practice these characteristics. Therefore in the movement with which we have become involved in these last days, we also cannot allow those evil characteristics to exist among us.

We have seen the gradual infiltration of those evil characteristics into the work in Brazil, bringing corruption to what, in the beginning, was of divine nature. Because of that, we can no longer have confidence in anything coming from that organization.

Furthermore, without my consent they have used my name to further their falsehoods. They have even woven lies around my name by claiming I had a ring of my Great Grandfather’s that I used to identify the validity of the plates. Lies and misinformation is not the work of God. What was once an opportunity to do a marvelous work for the Lord has become a parallel to the path which Cain traveled when he chose to serve Satan rather than God.

Therefore it is with great sadness but also indignation that I must say, there is no way I can any longer associate myself with Mauricio Berger and his work in Brazil.

Joseph F Smith

Many, many months ago in a chat group dubbed (by some of the principals as "the Council of Fifty"), a topic was discussed in great detail and with great excitement.  The re-tellers of the story were none other than those closest to Mr Berger, his 3 "witnesses" along with Mr Vendemiatti (the attorney which Mr Berger keeps on retainer paid for by the funds of Americans-under the guise of being Mr Berger's "church Patriarch" and according to Mr Vendemiatti in a recent posting, also a member of the "First Presidency" of his church which he boldly states is called "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints"). 

The talk within this group, which was both intriguing and alluring, was that of a ring belonging to Joseph Smith Jr.  This ring, according to the storyline, made an indentation on the golden plates containing the Book of Mormon.  The talk continued and stated clearly that on the occasion of the first trip of Mr. Moore and Joseph F Smith to meet Mr Berger in Brazil, Joseph F Smith carried with him a brief case, resembling that of 007.  Within that briefcase, the story continued, was that very ring-the ring of Joseph Smith Jr which was passed down to Joseph F Smith.  This elaborate story (as told by Mr Berger and now retold as if first hand witnesses to this occasion, Mr. Batista and Mr. Machado) continues to state that at a certain poignant time Joseph F Smith opened the briefcase, pulled out the ring, matched it to the indentation on the golden plates in the possession of Mr Berger and upon seeing the perfect match Joseph F Smith feel to his knees, with tears streaming down his face declaring that by this he knew for certain that THESE are the true plates containing the Book of Mormon, which his great grandfather transcribed!  Amazing, beautiful and compelling!

And, what is our purpose in re-telling this elaborate, touching and incredible event?  It is all 100% contrived in the mind of Mr Berger.  Not even one point of the story is truth.

How do we know that it is not true?  We interviewed Joseph F Smith and asked for verification of any point that was true.   None.  Not only did Joseph F Smith state that none of it is true he issued a statement to be posted on this very website, which statement bears the date of 11.29.2019, and can be read directly below this article.

Following the posting of that statement of Joseph F Smith those who are closest to Mr Berger, and Mr Berger himself, began a flurry of email exchanges which claim everything from 1) the owner of the website ( fraudulently placed a wholly contrived statement on the site OR  2) Joseph F Smith is complicit in allowing a false statement on the website OR 3) Joseph F Smith is lying to conceal the entire matter as this valuable heirloom could put him as the target of theft.

This morning I was contacted by Joseph F. Smith, again, and was informed that I could place another message from him on this website.  This new message of Joseph F Smith (dated 12.31.2019) follows his 11.29.2019 statement  and is again placed verbatim.

Questions:    Does Joseph F Smith actually have a ring belonging to Joseph Smith Junior, which ring has been passed down through the generations?   AND did Joseph F Smith take that ring to Brazil and did he match it with something on the plates of Mauricio, thereby validating the plates were true?

Response:   I, Joseph F Smith, great-grandson of Joseph Smith Jr, do not have a ring that belonged to my great grandfather. I did not take anything to Brazil to establish the truth of the Plates.

Joseph F. Smith

To all concerned:

The following is all a lie, a fabrication. Not one parcel of these two statements are true.

Joseph F Smith


(the following was included with Joseph F Smith's statement and is what he is referencing when writing of "2 statements")


We were in Caxias do Sul, at Mauricio's house, the year was 2017, the first coming of Joseph F. and Bob Moore. Specifically in the room were Mauricio, Joseph, Joni, and I, Valdeci (I think Bob had gone to the market or the school with Patricia when we arrived and found Joseph alone). Joseph takes from his briefcase a ring whose features can be reported by each of us , despite the time that has passed, in our minds it is still clear when he fits his ring into a symbol on one of the plates, and by the expression of his face, is fully satisfied with the result.”

(The statement reads "I, Valdeci" so we must assume it is written by Mr. Machado)


Good afternoon, dear brother Samuel, I hope my words find you well. As for the description you asked to be made from my point of view. I write to you from my point of view when I saw the ring. I remember it was a little wide, oval in shape, with a dark square stone in the center. I never imagined that this ring could be so commented on in the future and would generate so much debate, so at that moment my eyes and my mind were on the plates and the spiritual confirmation given to us on that sublime occasion.

With love in Christ Jesus.

Joni Batista.


Such a shame that those who should be righteous servants have to stoop to such falsehoods to raise themselves up before a people to get gain.

Joseph F Smith



Let everyone take notice of what I say. I have asked that my name be taken from the Sealed Book of Mormon.

Understand however I do not discredit the book nor this work. I repeat for those of you who desire to cast shadows on others who you disagree with. I do not discredit the book, nor do I discredit this work.

I withdraw my name because it is being used to promote what, in my opinion, is an organization in Brazil that has become the equivalent of a cult; that which is not in accordance with the scriptures I have enjoyed for these many years. This is not acceptable to me.

Joseph F Smith


The following was sent from Mr M. A. Berger to Joseph Fredrick Smith, in 2017, prior to Joseph and Bob going to Brazil for the first time.  This was given to us directly from Joseph Fredrick Smith.

This above is the hill where it all started when alone, I went to pray on the April 6, 2007 holiday in the town of Agudo, where my ancestors settled when they came to Brazil.

This above is the angel Raphael, who appeared in the dark woods and lit the way for me to continue until arriving in a safe place. This photo I hit while he produced lights from his hands, from a Motorola W510 handset whose image resolution was low, capturing so few details of the true vision in the dark.

After this photo, countless others were made of what we have seen, but not all of them have been left on our record, but some have; as it stands.

On this first visit, I did not know about the restoration, but I was only required to return with three more friends a year later. That we should study Ezekiel's writings in this one-year period and then return with them to the same place ... follow photos below when we climbed a year later.

This second time in 2008, we heard about the Restoration and the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr, which led us, as a matter of course, to research the LDS church, but this was not required by the people who visited us. After we returned from this second visit with my friends, two of them ended up being baptized in the LDS Church, the middle one ended up marrying a Church Mormon and very much attached to what was taught inside. The one on the left corner of the screen eventually became Bishop of the ward he frequents. The one on the right side of the screen is Joni, who has remained with me ever since, although his wife was later baptized into the church, but today she is active in believing in the branches of restoration.

The third time we went, in 2009 we did not get a vision together, it was when I decided to leave the group and alone I got the visit of the angel Rafael, who said that he would not appear for those who were attached to the Brigham Young group. Reason that made me believe that the LDS church was not true. But he never said that to them. Finally, the two who clung to the Mormon doctrine eventually moved to different and distant cities, and with that, we lost touch. But they know what they have seen, and one day I will seek them out to relate the sequence of the story that began with them.
At last I, plus Joni, went on; Only the two of us to the place marked until 2014, always receiving learning from the doctrines that were modified after the death of Joseph Smith in the LDS church. In this year 2014, we were required to have two more together with us to take him the following year.

Throughout the year Brother Valdeci Machado came to me, who until then was the leader of the missionary work of the LDS church in Caxias do Sul, to hear from me about the story that had reached his ears about my visions; He tried to convince me that it was a work of the devil, but in the course of the conversation I was able to make use of the knowledge I gained from the doctrines that were modified in the LDS church and I stopped to show in his scriptures about the changes that occurred in the sacrament ). Finally, we became friends and he began to study the scriptures with me, he eventually left the church, along with his family, of which he was a member for more than 20 years, and gathered the leadership of the Caxias do Sul stake and other priesthood officials to make your position clear to me.

That same year, I met a young couple of Mormons, the Ka'ns and Wagner, who were visiting Caxias do Sul, and came to my house, and being there I related to them the truths that were changed from their scriptures, as they never had seen in the LDS church; As soon as they realized the mistake, they gathered everything they had and came to live in my city.

With them two and more brother Joni who remained with me, he had again three more men to take to the hill the following year, which occurred until 2017. Later we were told about Brother Joseph of the branches of the restoration and that he would follow up on this work Of restoration here in Brazil. Below are some photos after 2015.

In the left corner brother Valdeci Machado.

In this photo I'm at the bottom, walking is Brother Valdeci Machado and sittng is the Waganer. It was Brother Joni who hit the photo.

This, above is my family, I, my wife Patricia and my daughters, Sarah; Clara and Laura.

My wife, before marrying me, had another marriage that did not work and in this she had two children, the James and Natalia in the picture.

Natalia I have created as my own daughter since the age of two, today she is 19 and lives in another city, where she goes to college. Nowadays, because I grew up with the accounts of my visions, she is a Mormon of the LDS and does not share my belief in the branches of restoration because of her fiancé who is a missionary returned from the LDS.

My wife's other son, James, who is also in the picture, also became a Mormon because of my visions, but as soon as he learned of the branches of the restoration, he resolved to depart from the LDS and follow what I taught for him. However, he currently lives in Santa Maria, a city far from Caxias do Sul, but we speak from time to time via webcam.

My daughters and wife share together my belief in the branches of restoration.

I, along with my wife, have a small resale business of ties imported from China, which allows us to live here in Brazil to what would be here middle class.

This, above, is the family of Joni Batista, his wife Carla and his son Kael, and Rafael was born (Moram in Caxias do Sul).

Joni has been with me since 2008, from when we had several visions. Soon in 2009 he began attending the LDS church along with his wife, where she was baptized. Nowadays, both acknowledge the apostasy that Brigaham Young introduced into it and share it gives the same faith as I do in the branches of restoration.

He works as an employee at an industrial bread distributor for supermarkets. They also carry a considered middle-class life here in Brazil.

This is the family of Brother Valdeci Machado, his wife Sônia, his son Guilherme and his daughter Nathalie, besides them, there is another bigger daughter of name Emile. All share our belief in the branches of restoration, but only Valdeci and Guilherme have full understanding of this (Moram in Caxias do Sul).

Unlike the Batista family who knew the truth through visions, the Machado family had been part of the LDS for more than 20 years,

The Machado family has a small factory of glass cups, from where they draw their livelihood. They are also middle class.

These are Kaíss and Wagner, both were LDS Mormons in the city of Santa Maria, and in the year 2015 they came to live in Caxias do Sul.

Wagner works as an employee in a machinery company and Kaíss is an English teacher, but currently works as a child's nanny.

This, above is my mother and my adopted sister, both believe in my visions and now in the branches of the restoration, but since they live in another distant city, they do not participate in the studies. At the last meeting she came to watch and brought with her a couple she met on the beach, who live in a town near Caxias do Sul. My mother is always talking about the restoration to all the people in her city. My father is deceased and she is married again, and her current husband also believes in me, but does not take position.

This up is the couple my mom took in my house. They have already visited me twice. But as they know nothing of the restoration, I am teaching about the church in the days of Joseph Smith jr; For them to understand well, before mentioning the reorganization. I will do this teaching progressively.

This is my brother's family ... He and his wife believe in the visions I had, and I'm showing them about the Branches of the restoration, but since they live in another city, we have little contact for study. But whenever possible I talk to him about it. He is willing to make a commitment to the Lord, but he needs to study these things with him to see if he really understands.

These above is a young couple from the LDS Church who came to us through Kaíss and Wagner. As they live in another city, they attend our studies whenever they can by the Webcam.

All this has only just begun since we heard about Brother Joseph and the Reorganization. As soon as we are learning with you and your messages, Brother Bob.
Without a doubt, this will develop without being able to measure how much it will grow. Although, it has been reported that it will take on dimensions of a large crowd in the future.
Finally, I want to report that here in the state of Rio Grande do Sul where we live, anyone who knocks on the door will welcome us very well.

However, it is good to know that everyone here drinks bitter tea, which is tradition from the Guaraní Indians, and all the family homes offer for their visits. And, it is an affront not to take.
If you want to search about it, see the link h@ps:// Chimarr%C3%A3o

For, as soon as they get here, the families gather to talk, hand-to-hand with this tea served in a cup of mate, and they will surely offer you to take it together.
Even Obama and the Pope have already taken ...

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