A VISIT TO JOE SMITH.-We present the following extract from a letter received some days ago, from a clergyman now in Illinois:-Exchange Paper.

"I spent the night in the city of the 'Latter Day Saints.' In the morning I visited the lions of the place.

Nauvoo contains a population variously estimated at from five to ten thousand. Probably there are six to seven thousand people there. It is a beautiful location. The city is laid out in acre lots, each lot having a house, generally of one story; it extends from 3 to 4 miles along the river, and runs back about the same distance, and this space is all built on.

I called to see the prophet, and had a short but pleasant interview with him. I asked him about the gold plates which he professes to have dug up an translated into the Book of Mormon. He said: 'Those plates are not now in this country; they were exhibited to a few at first, for the sake of obtaining their testimony-no others have ever seen them, and they will never be exhibited again.'

He next asked me- 'What is the fundamental doctrine of your faith?' 'The unity of God-one God in one person.' 'We don't agree with you. We believe in three Gods. There are three personages in Heaven-all equal in power and glory, but they are not one God.' I suppose, from what I heard, that Smith makes it a point not to agree with any one in regard to his religious opinions, and adapts himself to the person with whom he happens to be talking for the time being."

(->) Tolerable fair: Though the idea that Joseph Smith adapts his conversation to the company, is an error. Joseph Smith opposes vice and error, and supports his positions from revelation: no odds whether there be two, three, or "Gods many." The Father, and the Son are persons of Tabernacle; and the Holy Ghost a spirit, besides the sons of God: for the scriptures say: "Ye are Gods."

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The above article was published September 15, 1842 in Nauvoo, Illinois - nearly two (2) years PRIOR to the death of the Prophet.  Thereby, the Prophet, Joseph Smith Jr had full knowledge of the article and if it were wrong, in anyway, he had plenty of time and opportunity to have corrected any errors.  Given no corrections were ever given nor any contradictions ever cited, the above article stands as the ultimate statement that the Gold Plates which were in the hands of Joseph Smith Junior from which he transcribed the Book of Mormon, "WILL NEVER BE EXHIBITED AGAIN".

Be it known that by these words of the Prophet Joseph Smith Junior himself, that any and all presentation or claims of any "plates" being found or received - even if by an "angel of light" are NOT, the true plates which Joseph Smith Junior had in his possession from which came the Book of Mormon.

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