What follows are among the numerous false prophecies of Mr. Berger:

“Brad’s name appears in the original revelation . But not as strong as it is here. In the revelation in Portuguese the Lord asks him to approach Brother Brad to understand the reasons why they do not accept your call.” (Photo 1) October 26, 2018

“This one is actually in correct parts, but not whole. In Fact, the Lord reveals that it is important for you to understand what happened to the rupture of the church by the understanding of Brother Bob, because from there you will be able to restructure the church again.” (photo 2) Oct 26, 2018


“It is important to explain that there was distortion in the translation, but if there is accusation, then the division of the witnesses will be even more so.” (photo 3) Oct 26, 2018


“The website you have created has a greater reach than you can imagine. (thecauseofzion.org) Every time I teach a person about this work I give the link of your site to this person to search. It was your site that convinced the Pastor of Portugal that this work is true. Your Site is and will be an instrument in the hand of God for many generations to bring souls to Christ.” (photo 4) Oct 30, 2018

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