Many people ask us if we believe that the book "the Sealed Book of Mormon" is true.  Short answer - NO!  

We believe one of 3 scenario's are true:

  1. Mr. Berger wrote the book with the intent to perpetrate fraud on the Saints of God, in an attempt to disprove the Church, the Book of Mormon and to bring defamation upon the man we hold as a true Prophet of God, Joseph Smith Jr, while simultaneously receiving to himself fortune and fame and perhaps - women.

  2. Mr. Berger wrote the book, being full of the spirit of lying and deceit.

  3.  A combination of both.

We believe that the documents and/or articles attached to the following pages will prove to those who are grounded in the scriptures, that the book is false.  We post these articles as a reference and may or may not concur with all of their suppositions, but do concur with their conclusions. 

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