Question proposed from Joseph, Mr Crowell and Roberta: Why were the plates allowed to be translated then the translation deleted, if they were not all going to be allowed to be printed?

Mr Berger: How are the brothers about the less (not complete Sealed Portion) translations?

Mr. Berger: “I received the news on September 11 (2018)… I believed it was because of some mistake we could be making. But when Moroni came to get the plates he told me that this was the plan from the beginning and that it is possible to read in the scriptures.” (photo 1) October 25, 2018

Mr Crowell: Why translate all of it if we are only supposed to receive a part?

Mr Berger: In Moroni’s introduction he mentions something that implies that first the people will have to live part 1 soon to receive the other part. Maybe this is in my mind. To (receive it) later. I do not know.


The problem with the forgoing is that Mr. Berger was lying when he said "Moroni came to get the plates", as in December of 2018 he stated clearly to Roberta that the plates were never taken, and thereafter showed her and others his plates.

Mr Berger: "I did not have much understanding of the order of Enoch but Valdeci had an idea of it. But the book of the Acts of the 3 Nephites showed something that even Valdeci impressed is very clear that no one could see. This will change the whole history of the restoration."  October 25, 2018


The problem with this is that within a couple of days of Mr. Berger stating the above, Mr Machado (Valdeci) stated to Roberta and Mr. Crowell that he had not read any part of the "Sealed Book".

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