From the exquisitely beautiful country of Brazil, has come the most unbelievable sequence of events over the past 10 years, which we believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, are false.  While it is our work to present the truth and evidence, we still believe that it is our Christian call to despise the sin, but love the sinner.  None of us present ourselves as being spotless or above another, but rather we come as repentant sinners ourselves and we offer our hands to those who truly seek--the Truth.

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"We believe that the "Brazil movement" is a lie, a deception and a cult-including the Brazil plates, the Brazil book, the Brazil religion and all things coming from it."

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Mormon dissidents accused of SC fraud

"Sealed Parcel Church creator Mauricio Berger, made up of dissident members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day, popularly known as the Mormon Church, was accused by one of its founding members of forgery"

An Analysis of the Supposed Translation of the Sealed Part of the Book of Mormon in Brazil

An investigative analysis of Mauricio Berger's account and its supposed translation of the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon by Luiz Botelho

Brazil Faction Information

Price Publishing Company


Evidence That the Sealed Portion of Mauricio Berger’s “Golden Plates”
Include Convicted Murderer/Counterfeiter Mark Hofmann’s 1980 “Anthon Transcript” Forgery Symbols & That His “Sword of Laban” Is Fake Because His Pictures Show Three Completely Different Objects, None of Which Match Nephi’s Description  By David M. Price
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