Below is a "revelation" stated to be received by Mr Berger from God, and sent from Mr Berger to the USA "witnesses" in August, 2018.  This "revelation" caused quite a controversy and when approached in discussion regarding this  (in person in the home of Mr Berger, October 2018) Mr Berger stated that this revelation had been changed by the husband of his cousin.  Mr Berger then issued a "revised revelation", but after that revision also drew much criticism, that "revised revelation" was stated to now be null and void. 
Among the numerous interesting things about this "revelation" which again was stated to be the word of God, is the following;
Know, therefore, that my servant R... M.... was chosen by me, the Lord, to accompany you on this journey and be your right arm in this work. And, behold, there is in his mind all the plan, which by Me, the Lord, has been implanted since he was still a young man, for the restructuring of My Church in the last days.  
I find this part especially intriguing, first - as Mr R. M. withdrew his name as a "witness" to Mr Berger's book for a variety of reasons and second, because I feel quite certain that the direction that Mr Berger is himself headed is in direct opposition to what council he would receive from Mr R. M., regarding the "plan" which the Lord would say to go at this present moment.  I would suggest that Mr. Berger might want to take the advice of God and consult Mr R. M. for what "the plan" of "the Lord" is, that God has "implanted" in him since he was "a young man".  

There are many other parts of this "revelation" which we will delve into later.

Listen, O ye laborers of my vineyard, says the Lord your God, ye that work according to my commandments to bring forth to light and establish the cause of Zion. Behold, it is appropriate for Me that my servant M... A... Berger write these words of mine addressed to you, ye who have received this great privilege of working, for the last time, in the land which I have assigned to your ancestors.
Now, because of these words of mine, behold you may know for yourselves, according to the Holy Spirit of promise, that the Lord of the vineyard seeks to gather the rest of his people, and to redeem your inheritance. And behold, the Lord of the vineyard is saying to his Servant Joseph Smith, go to gather all the strength of My house, who are My warriors, My young and middle-aged, and go immediately to redeem My vineyard.
For behold, thou, My servant J... F... S...., you have found favor in My eyes, and thy faithfulness and perseverance is pleasing unto me. It was according to My wisdom that I, the Lord, have preserved you for the purpose of fulfilling the designation which I made to your forefather, my servant Joseph Smith Jr.
Behold, I have seen you humbled, and you broke your heart before me, the Lord, and thy mind does not rest on this work.
But behold, verily, verily, I say unto you, that I, the Lord, made known my will to my servant Joseph Smith Jr. gradually, line upon line, precept upon precept, and yes, on the day that I ordained him to the high priesthood of the sacred order of my priesthood, on Saturday, June 4, 1831, the devil manifested himself among the elect, for he was furious, and I, the Lord, permitted him to be manifested among the elders of My church, so that all may contemplate the supreme authority that exists in the high priesthood in correlation with the Melchizedek Priesthood.
I know well that it is difficult for you, My servant J... F... S..., to conceive this truth in your heart, to the detriment of the precepts taught to you from a young age upon one who was one of the three witnesses to the Mormon plates, but who decided to move away from my servant Joseph Smith Jr., out of resentment and hurt that he had in his heart and for not allowing the light of knowledge to enter into his way of thinking
But know, ye, my servant, J... F... S..., that this event, which occurred on June 4, 1831, was attested as coming from Me, the Lord, for behold, it was given to three other high priests, who were called with my servant Joseph, in that day, to see with his own eyes, vivified with the power of God, both me, Jesus Christ, and my Father, present at that time. And it was only on January 25, 1832, that my servant Joseph Smith Jr. was supported, by the conference previously organized, as the president of the High Priesthood of the Church.
Behold, I will not dwell upon this matter; it suffices to tell you that every prophet appointed by me, that is, by means of angels - who came into the world after me, Jesus Christ, came in the meridian of time - was and is one high priest of My holy order. And every one whom he calls to administer matters concerning My Church, this one becomes one high priests to assist him, thus forming the high council under orders of the presidency of the high priesthood. If you want to know more, you must seek for yourself the truth, that I reveal to you here through my servant, M... A... Berger, for it is in my scriptures; just accept them in your heart, for my servant Joseph lived and received revelations from Me, the Lord until his days were ended.
This is why I am telling you the procedure to be carried upon you at the August assembly, because the words placed upon your head were accepted by Me, while My servant Mau... assigned you to the post of president of my Church. And after being supported by a few, but fundamental to the beginning of the restructuring that I intend to do among my elect, you will have to be ordained to the office of high priest and president of the high priesthood of My Church, also by the hands of My servant M... A... Berger, because he is made high priest to the detriment of his calling and vocation.
Behold, it is appropriate for Me that you, my servant J... F... S..., behave as the president of the high priesthood, keeping among your counselors and apostles, every matter dealt with among you, in discretion, just as the same procedure is required from all your companions; for verily, verily, I, Jesus Christ, tell onto you, that if you would not understand and accept in your heart the fullness of my priesthood, as I reveal unto you here in this section, and if you further profane the high priesthood, and speak evil of this office before men, and do not turn back to ask for forgiveness to my servant B... G..., showing yourself false in front of him, because of your comments, know, therefore, that on account of this, I will not keep my loving-kindness to you. But if you turn back to do what is right, then I will also have to turn my attention to you, for I will not profane the covenant I made with your ancestors, that his own descendents will be in the presidency of My Church until the consummation of the times.
Behold, there are new and greater things that are coming in Zion, which until now I and my Father have kept sealed. Why, then, do you, my servants, remain attached to the petty little things that have brought discord and division among my people up until now?
Verily, verily, I say unto you, be administrator of the new and grandiose things being revealed; cling to them and you will be more than faithful, because the former things have passed away, and behold, I make new all things by keeping them according to the old order instituted by Me and my Father before the foundation of the world
I speak this to you because I have affection for you, my son, J..., and just as a father rebukes his son when he makes a mistake, I will correct you to the degree expected by me.
Know, therefore, that my servant R... M.... was chosen by me, the Lord, to accompany you on this journey and be your right arm in this work. And, behold, there is in his mind all the plan, which by Me, the Lord, has been implanted since he was still a young man, for the restructuring of My Church in the last days. So, join him and let him support you in the presidency of the church, because you will have in your hands the power to keep things in order in my house, and, moreover, thou will mayest, according to the sealed book of Mormon, restitute all the truth of my gospel to its proper place. For behold, I have made thee a spokesman for this message, and thou shalt have the gift of interpreting the words written therein. .
Behold, I say to you, do not fear those whom I, the Lord, have attracted to you to be your companions, and remember each of them to the offices that you will have to fill in the presidency of the church, apostolate and bishop. All seven will have a special value in the fullfilment of this work, which, I am saying, is just beginning.
Blessed are all, for the field is truly white, ready for harvest, and happy are ye, for ye are among the stewards of my vineyard.
This, therefore, is what is to be done by you at this moment, leave your differences aside, unite in a single purpose, because if you together are not one, then you are not mine. Support each other, and, if anything be done wrong, know that I, the Lord, will have my oracles in the Earth, whereby I will bring you a revelation; for although I have forsaken my people for a moment, I will no more leave them, and henceforth, I, Jesus Christ, will remain with you. Amen.
From: Maurício Artur Berger <>
Date: sáb, 3 de nov de 2018 22:51
Subject: Revelação 03 de Agosto em Português
To: Joseph F. Smith  (and numerous other "principals")
When Joseph Was here in Brazil we had a talk about the revelation of August 3rd. So Kelvin wrote in English in the Goggle translator what Nelson translated. For reasons I do not know, Nelson's translation is different from the original Revelation in Portuguese.
Therefore, the original revelation in Portuguese is annexed, if you want Gary to translate.
As I reviewed Moroni's words with Tyler, I realized that it is not possible to rely on Google translator to get a reliable translation.
Many words of Moroni's revelation were distorted from the original.
I hope the attachments will help everyone.
Quando Joseph esteve aqui no Brasil tivemos uma conversa sobre a revelação de 3 de agosto. Então Kelvin escreveu em inglês no Goggle tradutor o que Nelson traduziu. Por razões que não sei, a tradução de Nelson é diferente do original em português.
Portanto, a revelação original em português é anexada, se vocês quiserem que Gary traduza.
Quando analisei as palavras de Moroni com Tyler, percebi que não é possível confiar no tradutor do Google para obter uma tradução confiável.
Muitas palavras da revelação de Morôni foram distorcidas do original.
Espero que os anexos ajudem a todos.
Escutai, ó trabalhadores da minha vinha, diz o senhor vosso Deus, ó vós que atuais segundo os mandamentos de trazer à luz e estabelecer a causa de Sião. Eis que é apropriado para Mim que meu servo Mauricio Artur Berger escreva estas palavras de minha própria boca para vós, vós que recebestes este grande privilégio, de trabalhar pela última vez, na terra que designei aos seus antepassados.
Agora, por causa destas minhas palavras, eis que sabereis por vós segundo o Santo Espírito da promessa que o Senhor da vinha procura reunir o restante do seu povo e redimir a vossa herança. Eis, portanto, que o Senhor da vinha está dizendo a seu servo Joseph Smith: “Ide reunir toda a força de Minha casa, meus guerreiros, Meus jovens e de meia-idade e depois resgatai imediatamente minha vinha.
Pois eis que tu, meu servo Joseph Smith, encontraste graça aos meus olhos e a tua lealdade e perseverança tanto me agrada. Foi de acordo com minha sabedoria que eu, o Senhor, preservei você com o propósito de cumprir a designação que fiz ao seu antepassado, meu servo Joseph Smith Jr.
Eis que tenho visto teu empenho e o desejo do teu coração em servir a Mim, o Senhor, e a tua mente não repousa, nem teus braços descansam enquanto você efetua o meu trabalho.
Mas eis que em verdade, em verdade eu te digo que eu, o Senhor, dei a conhecer minha vontade a meu servo Joseph Smith Jr; gradualmente, linha sobre linha, preceito sobre preceito e, sim, no dia em que o ordenei como sumo sacerdote da sagrada ordem de meu sacerdócio, que fora sábado, 4 de junho de 1831, que o diabo se manifestou entre os meus eleitos, pois ficou furioso. Por quanto Eu, o Senhor, permiti que ele fosse manifestado entre os anciãos da Minha igreja, para que eles pudessem contemplar a autoridade suprema que existe no sumo sacerdócio em correlação com o Sacerdócio de Melquisedeque.
Sei, portanto, que é difícil para você, meu servo Joseph Frederick Smith, conceber esta verdade em seu coração, em razão dos preceitos que lhe foram ensinados desde a tenra idade. Este preceito procede daquele que foi uma das três testemunhas das placas Mórmon, mas que se afastaou do meu servo Joseph Smith Jr; e, por ressentimento e mágoa não permitiu que a luz do conhecimento entrasse em sua maneira de pensar.
Saiba, portanto, meu servo Joseph Frederick Smith, que este evento, o qual ocorreu em 4 de junho de 1831, foi atestado como vindo de Mim, o Senhor, pois eis que foi dado a três outros sumos sacerdotes que foram chamados por meu servo Joseph, naquele mesmo dia, para ver com seus próprios olhos, vivificados, tanto a Mim, Jesus Cristo e a meu Pai junto a Mim, presentes naquela ocasião. E somente no dia 25 de janeiro de 1832 Joseph Smith Jr; foi apoiado, assim como proposto na conferência da igreja, como presidente do sumo sacerdócio.
Eis que não me alongarei sobre este assunto; basta dizer que todo profeta designado diretamente por mim, isto é, por meio de anjos - é um sumo sacerdote da Minha santa ordem. E todo aquele a quem ele designar, este torna-se um sumo sacerdote afim de ajudá-lo na administração de minha igreja na terra.
É por este motivo que Eu estou lhe informando qual deve ser o procedimento a ser realizado sobre você na assembleia de agosto, porque as palavras pronunciadas por meu servo Maurício sobre a sua cabeça foram aceitas por Mim, quando este o separou para o posto de presidente da minha Igreja. E depois de ser apoiado por alguns em Sião, será fundamental para o começo da restruturação que pretendo fazer entre meus eleitos, que você, meu servo Joseph, seja ordenado ao ofício de sumo sacerdote presidente do sumo sacerdócio de Minha Igreja em Sião, também pelas mãos do meu servo Mauricio Artur Berger quando, então, você regressar ao Brasil para obter a tradução do registro das placas seladas, porque meu servo Maurício é feito sumo sacerdote em relação de seu chamado e vocação à maneira de Melquisedeque, antes mesmo de haver o mundo.
Eis que é apropriado para Mim, que você, meu servo Joseph Frederick Smith, após ser designado Sumo sacerdote, atue como presidente da minha igreja em Sião, chamando conselheiros e comissionando apóstolos, fazendo isso com máxima discrição, assim como o sigilo é similarmente exigido de todos os seus companheiros. E eis que, em verdade, em verdade, Eu, Jesus Cristo, vos digo – “você deve se aproximar de meu servo Brad Gault” mostrando disposição em aceitar incondicionalmente cada um desses homens que Eu te dei por testemunhas. Eis que vos digo, e o que digo a um digo a todos, que embora divirjam em seus preceitos quanto ao seu chamado e eleição, que sois por Mim designados a auxiliar você neste trabalho. Se, portanto, vocês se unirem para efetuar a minha obra, independente de seus preceitos pessoais, então, Eu também voltarei minha atenção para meu povo em Sião, para cumprir a promessa que Eu fiz com seus antepassados em relação a vossa herança neste lugar por Mim designado, pois jamais haverei de voltar atrás em relação ao convênio que Eu fiz com meu servo Joseph Smith Jr; de que a unção que deixei sobre sua cabeça repousaria perpetuamente sobre sua posteridade na presidência da Minha Igreja até à consumação dos séculos.
Em virtude disso, deves procurar compreender o que meu servo Robert Moore tens a dizer em relação a minha igreja, pois eis que, Eu, o Senhor, o escolhi para acompanhá-lo nesta jornada. Eis, portanto, que existe em ambas as mentes, parte do plano, e que, somente estando unidos, podereis compreender em sua plenitude a minha vontade e, assim, efetuar a reestruturação da Minha Igreja nesses últimos dias.

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