An Analysis of the Alleged Brazilian Translation of The Sealed Book of Mormon

by Luiz Botelho

In recent years, a group of members and former members of the Utah based LDS Church led by Mauricio Berger have promoted an account of angelic visitations on the grounds that they received the original Book of Mormon plates, the Nephite interpreters, and the sword of Laban as well as divine instructions about what the Lord wants from his Church in these last days.

The group then received a visit in Brazil from a few different members of Mormon branches of the restoration, who are independent churches who generally share the historical foundations of the restoration events but are not associated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In this article, we analyze a series of points regarding the events, their evidence and why we believe Mauricio Berger's account to be absolutely false. It is also important to mention that this is not the first time that curious reports of a "divine" nature have been promoted, the most famous being:

Cristopher Nemelka, who claimed to be the reincarnation of Hirum Smith.
Jim Harmston, who claimed to be the reincarnation of Joseph Smith.
Denver Snuffer, who said he received visits from Jesus Christ, then began a crusade against the Church.
Jake Hilton, who claimed to have received a visit from Jesus Christ and then began his own ministry.

Some of the following points were made by the authors of the website, and others by David Price. A link to a detailed analysis will be included at the end of this article.

1. Photographic "Evidence" Filled with Inconsistencies

The following image was described by Maurício as one of the angelic apparitions to Mauricio in 2007.


Analysis: If we ignore the fact that the image doesn't even remotely look like a photograph, but a digital illustration or scan of a handmade drawing, we encounter the following problems:

A. When zooming in, it is possible to see a horizontal line in the center of the image at the arm's length, indicating that the image has been edited.
B. Although the angel visibly sheds a bright light, practically nothing around him reflects that light.
C. Although the extremely luminous angel is photographed just a few feet away, its silhouette appears precisely, without any natural distortion that light directed at the camera would cause.
D. The angel is depicted in the image as producing light with some kind of energy coming out of his hands. Still no illumination is seen in the image.
E.. The richness of background details among the tree branches is beautiful and impossible without modern photography equipment and techniques. When a camera is adjusted to focus on nearby bright objects, the background tends to be blurred and vice versa. We see in the picture the well-defined silhouette of the angel and at the same time details of the sky in the background, which curiously features beautiful colors, but which do not even remotely represent what the camera of a 2008 cell phone could do or what the real sky look like.
F. Although the angel emits light from his body, strange dark spots are seen on different areas of his robes and even his hair.

Faced with so many inconsistencies, it is evident that the image is false.

On the website used by the movement at the time it was said about the photos:

"Some photos are circulating and are being used both to try to prove and refute the authenticity of the plates. With all the technology available today, it will be gradually difficult to know which images are authentic and which have been intentionally altered. So for now, we believe that making more photos available online is not wise. "[1]

This is absolutely not true. The picture was shared among Maurício's followers in Brazil and in US for months and the above statement was only made once it became clear it did not reach the intended result. Also, a few different members of the restoration branches claimed to have received the picture directly from Maurício, like Joseph Frederick Smith himself.

If the allegations of the events are true, what would be the point of supporting them with a fake photo?

2. Forensic Analysis of Supposed Book of Mormon Gold Plates

A. The rings that held the Book of Mormon plates were, according to the witnesses, shaped like D, unlike the rings on the plates of Maurício. [2]

B. The dimensions of the original plates have been described as 15 cm wide x 20 cm high and 15 cm thick on one side and 10 cm thick on the other. [3] Maurício's plates, in turn, have been described as 15 cm wide x 20 cm high and 11.5 cm thick. [4] The difference may not seem big, but it would represent a significant amount of missing pages.

C. Characters appear to have been engraved with a rotary-tipped power tool. From my own experience of manufacturing metal parts for US military aircraft, it is noteworthy that the characteristics below constitute exactly the kind of errors and imperfections one might expect from characters engraved on metal with an electric tool such as the ones I use myself. [5]

image (1)

C.1 In red marks we see a common feature of these power tools that happens when the tip of the tool skips small sections of the metal by sliding too fast on the metal.

C.2 At yellow marks of different thickness and depth where the tool operator appears to have applied too much pressure.

C.3 In blue marks we see apparent differentiated damage at the end of the characters, which usually happens when the power tool stays in the same metal region for a long time.

D. The method used to secure the pages of the sealed part is consistent with what one would expect to find if a search for images were done on google instead of searching for witness accounts. On Maurício plates we see the sealed part joined by two horizontal metal seals. Although the this artistic description has been used over time in some of illustrations, there are no witness accounts of the use of these metal seals.

Eyewitnesses actually described the sealed part as a "solid mass" [6], which conveys the idea that the sealed part was fully sealed. Another record indicates that "a large portion of the pages were so securely linked that it was impossible to separate them" [7]. It would be illogical to try to separate the pages if they were clearly attached with a metal seal. The description seems to support the idea that something united all the pages of the sealed part into one mass.

Below what historians believe to be the best visual representation of the original plates according to documented accounts:

image (2)

E. Mormon 9:33 indicates that the use of the Egyptian language on the plates was made to better utilize the available space, since Egyptian writing was more compact. 1 Nephi 6: 3 reinforces the authors' concern to make good use of available space on the plates. Still, on Maurício's plates we can see large line spacing and often the use of too large characters for someone concerned with making good use of space.

3. Angels Using Telephone

On March 11, 2018, Bob Moore, one of the movement's leaders, described the occasion when Maurício was excommunicated from the LDS Church and stated that one of the Three Nephites named Peter called Jader, who was a friend of Maurício , and asked him to be a witness in favor of Maurício during the disciplinary council. You read that right, one of the three Nephites CALLED Jader. However, 3 Nephi 19: 4 mentions the names of all Nephite disciples, none of whom were named Peter. [8]

4. Maurício admitted to asking Jader to bear false testimony

On March 24, 2018, Jader Pereira stated that Mauricio Berger asked him to lie to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, bearing false witness of having seen the angel hand over the plates. In a conversation recorded by a member of one of the restoration branches, Jader said, "He [Maurício] wanted me to testify to my leaders four years ago that I had witnessed the delivery of the plates to him by the Angel Moroni. But I said I would never do that, because the lie is not from God! Since that day the Holy Spirit has confirmed to me its falsehood. " Furthermore, Jader denied the earlier account of the phone call from one of the three Nephites and reaffirmed his testimony of the Book of Mormon and the Church of Jesus Christ.[5]

Interestingly, Maurício publicly admitted to asking Jader to lie and stated:

"I saw no problem asking him because I was very sure that one day Moroni would personally show him the plates ... I was sure that once Moroni confirmed it, he [Jader] would not be disappointed with me. But he did not allow himself this opportunity. "[9]

One of the peculiar points that reinforces the eyewitness argument of the Book of Mormon was the fact that they never denied their testimonies of the events. Here we see not only someone who participated in some of the events claiming that Maurício lies about them, but Mauricio's own request for his friend to bear false testimony on the grounds that he would see it in the future. Does that sound like something a true prophet would do?

5. Plates that Change in Size

In the photo below, we see how the sealed portion of the plates varies in size in different photos. In the left photo the sealed part represents about 82% of the total volume of the plates, while in the right photo it represents about 65%. The difference in plate size indicates the obvious. The number of sheets of the plates have been modified or the metal structure that holds the plates has been changed by Mauricio. Interestingly, the justification given was that the sealed portion of the plates "swelled". [8 (between 0:13:35 to 0:14:55)]

image (3)

6. Laban Sword or Chinese Sword?

During the years 2010 and 2013, David Price reported the communication between Maurício and members of the "Temple Lot" Church. The same document records Maurício 's claim that this was Laban's sword he had received from Moroni which he attached in his email to the "Church of Christ" (not to be confused with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). [5]

Maurício's alleged sword, however, clearly recalls the style of bronze swords of ancient China. Interestingly, when searching for such Chinese swords, we found the following search result.

On the left is the photo sent by Mauritius from 2010 to 2013. On the right is a photo of a replica of a Chinese bronze sword. Similar, no? In fact, if you google the word "espada 600 a.c." (in english sword 600 b.c.) we can fin the exact image used and edited to become the alleged Laban's sword.

image (4)

In the comparison below, we see on the left a more recent picture of Laban's alleged sword, which is noticeably different from the original sent by Maurício, mentioned in the image above. On the right, again an example of a Chinese bronze sword found on Google. Note how on the right side of the top of the blade both swords have two flaws at the metal end, as well as visible similarities in their style, blade shape, center gold band and region where the blade starts. Are these similarities coincidental or could the Chinese sword perhaps have served as a model for the supposed Laban sword?

image (5)

Maurício then recently denied that he had attached the image of the first sword (which is clearly not the same as the most recent image) and that he does not know how that image came to be in the "letter" (or email?) Sent initially. [10] In other words, the image was used between 2010 and 2013, as evidence that Maurício had Laban's sword (even though it looks more like a Chinese sword) but when inconsistencies between the original image (which possibly did not existed at the time) and the recent sword were found, Mauricio then stated that he does not know how the image got there.

7. Sword deterioration

On October 29, 2017, Bob Moore stated that Maurício and his group cleaned the plates with acetone and that "they also tried to clean the sword, and when they did, it caused the sword to deteriorate." [11] Acetone, however, not only does not harm steel and gold, but it is one of the most efficient methods for cleaning metals. [12] This shows that Laban's supposed sword of the group is not made of "the most precious steel" nor is it "pure gold" as attested in 1 Nephi 4: 9 and therefore is not Laban's sword.

8. More Sword Inconsistencies

Photos taken at different times indicate a likely alteration of the sword. On the left the sword guard (part that separates the handle from the blade) has a square shape. On the right, in a later photo, the same part has a rounded shape. In blue arrows we see a clear difference in wrist coloration.

image (6)

The picture below shows the difference in shape at the tip of the sword blade, which indicates that the blade has changed.

image (7)

These are just some of a series of inconsistencies found in different photos of what should be the same sword. For more details, see reference number 5 at the end of the article.

9. Description of the use of Urim and Thummim incompatible with the original reports.

In conversation with a friend who is one of the movement's converts and current leaders, I was told that Maurício used the Urim and Thummim with "the plates on the table, looking character by character" and that "the plates are used in the translation process." Such a description, however, addresses the following problems:

A. There is no evidence that the original plates were needed in the translation process.
B. All eyewitness descriptions of the process indicate that both the seer stone and Nephite interpreters exhibited the translation of the Book of Mormon text without the need for interaction with the plates.
C. Witness reports state that Joseph often translated the text with the plates covered on the table or sometimes with them in another room in the house.
D. Since the translation was given through revelations from the Urim and Thummim, the purpose of the plates served to show that the Book of Mormon was a real historical record, to convince the witnesses of Joseph's mission, to copy the characters that would be shown to Professor Anthon and provide the necessary spiritual training Joseph would need in the years leading up to the acquisition of the plates. [13]

10. Ether's prophecy indicates that we do not live at the time when the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon will be revealed.

Referring to the time when the sealed portion of the plates would be revealed, the Lord Himself stated in Ether 4: 6,7

"They shall not go forth unto the Gentiles until the day that they shall repent of their iniquity, and become clean before the Lord. And in that day that they shall exercise faith in me, saith the Lord, even as the brother of Jared did, that they may become sanctified in me, then will I manifest unto them the things which the brother of Jared saw, even to the unfolding unto them all my revelations, saith Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Father of the heavens and of the earth, and all things that in them are."

Turn on the TV, access the internet, look at the world around you and just ask yourself: Does the world we live look like a time where "the Gentiles repented of their iniquity" and "exercised faith in [God]"? If your answer is no, then you agree with Ether 4 that we have not yet arrived on the day the sealed part will be revealed to us.

11. Brazilian plates contain false characters created by Mark Hofmann

Of all the inconsistencies that can be found on Maurício Berger's plates, the most curious is a page containing the same characters produced by Mark Hoffman, one of the greatest document falsifiers of all time. For those who have never heard of it, below is a summary of the facts and what Mark Hofmann has to do with the Church and Maurício's plates.

In 1980, Mark Hoffman falsified and presented to the Church the alleged original transcript of the plates that would be used by Martin Harris in his attempt to verify the authenticity of Joseph's account with then-renowned professor Charles Anthon. Mark Hofmann developed such sophisticated counterfeiting techniques as to deceive many of the greatest experts in ancient documents at the time, and also deceived the LDS Church leadership at the time, which eventually bought the false document for a high cash value. Having said that, let's look at the facts.

Pictured below is an image of the oldest known copy of what some believe to be the original transcript used by Martin Harris with Professor Anthon. In fact, this belief was promoted by David Whitmer. The copy is currently held by the Community of Christ, formerly known as The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

image (8)

In the image below we see Mark Hoffmann's forgery of the same document, set up in vertical columns and with additional elements and characters not present in the document held by the Community of Christ.

image (9)

This is where things get "interesting". On one of the pages Maurício's plates we see with almost calculated accuracy the sequence of characters present in Mark Hofmann's forgery, but with several characters not present in the earliest copy of the Community of Christ's Anthon transcript.

image (10)
image (11)

On the left is Mark Hofmann's forgery of the characters presented by Martin Harris to Charles Anthon.
In the middle, characters created by Mark Hofmann that do not exist in the document owned by the Community of Christ.
On the right is a photo of Maurício's plates with the characters and vertical configuration of the Hofmann counterfeit, also including characters invented by Mark Hofmann.

In the photo below, we see again an example of how Maurício's plates include elements and characters not present in David Whitmer's document.

image (12)

The authenticity of the document owned by the Community of Christ has long been challenged by the LDS Church, which, due to its style in writing, attributes the document to John Whitmer, David Whitmer's brother. The problem is that John Whitmer met Joseph Smith only in 1829, a year after Martin Harris visited Professor Anthon. We find ourselves in the following scenario.

If Maurício's plates are true, why do they include an almost exact copy of Mark Hofmann's forgery? How could the original Book of Mormon plates contain characters invented by a counterfeiter in 1980?

If the document owned by the Community of Christ is true - whther it is the original or a copy of the original made later - then we have additional evidence that the Maurício's plates are false. On the other hand, if the Community of Christ's document is false, then again we have to conclude that the Maurício's plates are false, because they are a copy of Mark Hofmman's counterfeit, which is a copy with the added characters of the original "document. " How could the Urim and Thummim translate characters invented by Mark Hofmann in 1980? How to get out of this?

Seeing the credibility of his plates suspended by a thread, Maurício Berger officially decided to explain (or try to explain) the inconsistencies that are a checkmate against his account. Below is an excerpt from the most significant parts of Mauricio's explanation and in bold, my comment to them.

After comparing himself to Joseph as being in the position of someone who witnessed something divine "and could not deny," Maurício said:

"... on the accusations that I falsified the plates based on Mark Hofmann's document, I can say that such an argument has only proved further that the plates I have are true."

In light of all the evidence presented earlier, it is unbelievable that Maurício asserts this, but let's look at his line of reasoning and whether it can pass the test.

"According to the material that the eight witnesses produced to understand the coincidence, there are at least two letters written by Professor Charles Anthon, in which the content matches the description of the last plate and corroborates the description of his letters, in which Charles Anthon describes that he saw the characters arranged in vertical columns and at the end of the document there was a circle divided into several compartments with strange markings. It is logical to assume that Joseph Smith designed Anthon's transcript of the last plate that I showed the witnesses."

InterpreteNefita: Some Observations

... It is true that Professor Charles Anthon described in one of his letters that the manuscript brought to him by Martin Harris had vertical rather than horizontal columns as presented in the Community of Christ document, as well as the description of a Mexican calendar. [14] However, this justification runs into a serious problem. There is no way to verify the truth of Anthon's statement, but we know that he had reason to discredit Joseph's story and not have his name associated with it. According to Martin Harris, Charles Anthon confirmed in writing that the characters were true, but went back and tore this written confirmation when he learned that the story came from Joseph Smith. Anthon then denied having given such confirmation. Is Anthon's description of the transcript true or trustworthy?

"I would not have been able to falsify this, considering that I, like many Latter-day Saints in Brazil, was unaware of this description of Anthon, because in short, what is presented to us by the LDS Church is that the characters that Martin Harris showed Charles Anthon are those available on the Internet, but this second information I got from the eight witnesses, does not agree with what Professor Anthon mentioned."

InterpreteNefita: Mauricio was wrong to say that "I would not have been able to falsify this" and he uses a circular reasoning to show that (I could not do this because I did not know this. I did not know this, therefore I could not do this). Anthon's description of the vertical columns and the Mexican calendar (present in Hoffman's counterfeit and Mauricio signs) is easily accessible on the Internet. Anyone anywhere could find the link Maurício himself cited on wikipedia in less than twenty seconds and using a translator read Professor Anthon's firsthand description. "What is presented by the LDS Church" is not relevant in this scenario. The fact that crucial information present on Maurício plates is available and easily accessible on the internet is relevant.

"... The argument raised against me further proves the veracity of the plates, since these descriptive figures are compatible with past reports. If there were no such last plate, however close it seemed to Hoffman's falsification, then, indeed, they would be false. Because Anthon's description proves that at some point Joseph Smith Jr. took from the gold plates something similar to what is contained in the last plate of the records that the eight witnesses saw."

InterpreteNefita: If there is anything that the argument raised does not prove, it is the veracity of the plates. Anthon's description proves absolutely nothing, especially since Anthon lied about describing the facts with Martin Harris, denying something he knew he had done. With the description of Anthon accessible on the internet, it would be easy to use it as the basis for making a page supposedly compatible with the historical account.

"What do I have to say about the widespread question of where Mark Hoffman would have copied his article? There are some arguments to consider, especially one that mentions that Mark Hofmann at some point had access to a fragment of the document described in Charles Anthon's letters, and has since forged an entire document for more monetary value and greater profit on the sale."

InterpreteNefita: Mark Hofmann actually had access to restricted sections of documents from the Church of Jesus Christ. Maurício's conclusion above is obvious. Hofmann, upon discovering that Anthon had given a different description of the transcript, made a transcript that would harmonize with it.

"However, to me the question is more simple than it seems: the Lord our God has a real enemy of the invisible and extremely intelligent and powerful world to influence the minds of men, just as he influenced Mark Hoffman to act obscurely among his fellow men. (Joseph Smith — History 1:16 LDS.) This enemy, as everyone understands, has lived among humans for thousands of years, and no doubt saw Mormon dealing with the last plate and may have seen the original document produced by Joseph Smith that Martin Harris took to Charles Anthon. That is the most plausible answer! At the present moment, and knowing that the sealed part would soon be exposed to the world with the birth of Maurício Berger, he found in Mark Hoffman a counterpart to falsify that document, using in the thoughts of the counterfeiter only the original characters he retained in his memory, already planning on interrupting the Lord's work when it began to occur again among the people of the church today. [15]

InterpreteNefita: I am unable to describe how absurd this justification is. According to Maurício, the most plausible explanation for his plates containing a plagiarism of Mark Hofmann's document (which he confessed in a court of law on falsifying the documents [16]) is that Satan inspired Mark Hofmann to create a forgery in 1980 based on on the original plates, only to damage God's plans through his new seer, Maurice Berger. That's right ... In one smart move all the blame for a grotesque inconsistency is attributed to the Devil.

12.  Baptism

One of the teachings that has been propagated by the movement since its ascension is that people who have already been baptized in any of the restorationist branches, including the LDS Church, need not be baptized again in the new Church to be created, provided baptism be performed by a priest holding the Aaronic Priesthood.

On the website used by the movement at the time, Maurício stated:

"In the words of Moroni, a person who has been baptized by the smaller priesthood authority in the various branches of the restoration need not be baptized again, but must receive the confirmation or gift of the Holy Ghost through the hands of Joseph Frederick Smith, or Elders called by him. ... even if the baptism is from another branch of the restoration, Moroni states that it is valid because the Lord did not forsake those who believe in the Book of Mormon, but only withdrew the higher priesthood. "[17]

We see in this teaching a theological error of unreasonable proportions, for the following reasons:

A. Although priests may be ordained by other priests, the fact is that in most cases, esoecially in the LDS Church, they are ordained by Melchizedek Priesthood holders. If the Melchizedek Priesthood was "removed" from the earth by the Lord as stated by Moroni to Maurício, then the ordination of most of the new priests would be invalid, since they were performed by people who, according to the movement, did not have the authority to ordain them.
B. D&C 20:64 indicates that priests must act under the supervision of Melchizedek Priesthood holders or at conferences, which are again presided over by the Melchizedek Priesthood.

Again we see a theological misconception that shows a lack of attention to detail, history, and the scriptures themselves.

13.  Gospel of Mauricio

[Update 17/04/2019] On April 7, 2019 one of the eight witnesses and promoters of the Gospel of Mauricio, Bob Moore (which we mentioned several times in this article), publicly demonstrated that he no longer believed in the divinity and truth of Maurício's movement, something the author of this article knew it would happen sooner or later, but not so soon.

Just 3 days after the supposed translation of the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon was published, Bob Moore posted on Facebook:

"The Sealed Book of Mormon contains several errors demonstrating that it is not divine; 1) It is said that Elah (Lehi) carried a letter to Nebuchadnezzar by Zedekiah in the first year of Zedekiah's reign. The Bible and secular history reveal that this happened in the fourth year of Zedekiah's reign 2) The translation repeats the story of angels as written in the Book of Enoch of Ethiopia, a false book written after captivity that states that fallen angels 'took the daughters of men' as wives. The inspired translation of the Bible made by Joseph Smith states that the sons of men took the daughters of righteousness (daughters of the covenant) as wives. 3) The translation states that Jonah (disciple of Jesus in ancient America) visited Paul after 14 years' (2 Cor 12: 2) to warn him not to resist Peter at the conference described in Acts 15. This means that Jonah visited Paul in AD 42, long before he was an apostle and about eight years before the conference. 4) The book states that God has a secret name. This is a Gnostic teaching present in the Book of Enoch as well as in other false literature. This heresy, which comes from hermetic paganism, states that there is a special knowledge that is revealed only to people induced in an inner circle. This is not a Christian teaching. These are just four caught errors contained in the Sealed Book of Mormon, demonstrating that it is not Christian and does not come from God. There are other errors."[18]

Because of this, the Sealed Book of Mormon then states in its introduction that two of the original eight witnesses (Bob Moore and Brad Gault) were removed from the testimony section. Something interesting about the original Book of Mormon witnesses was the fact that none of them denied their testimonies, even when some were estranged from the Church and disappointed with the prophet Joseph Smith. Bob Moore, however, classified the Sealed Book of Mormon as "non-Christian" and stated that "it does not come from God." Something unexpected for one of the strongest arms of the movement and someone who until recently testified to the truth of the work.

14. Maurício publishes plagiarized articles.

In at least two articles published by Maurício Berger, whole portions of the article were literally copied from other authors and pasted without any source or author being properly mentioned. In his article, "Exclusion of Women in the Churches of the Restoration? Part 1" which was originally published on the website "thecauseofzion" and belongs to someone who is no longer part of the movement, we could see entire paragraphs of the article copied, word by word from various artcles on the web, including posts from Yahoo Answers users, the Jehovah's Witnesses official website, and more.

Plagiarism is a dishonest and deplorable practice from an academic point of view. Why would a true prophet of God publish and receive credit for "stolen" content from other authors?


We present in this document objective evidence of only a small portion of the many inconsistencies present in the account and objects presented by Maurício Berger and his group, and why we do not believe the movement is true. We demonstrate in this article:

* That the plates have anachronisms and elements incompatible with eyewitness reports.
* That the photos of the sword show changes made to it over time, as well as the visible style of Chinese bronze swords.
* That the supposed photo of the angel is not a real photo, but a digital illustration with elements that cannot be reproduced on a cellphone camera.
* That Maurício asked his friend Jader to bear false witness about seeing the angel handing over the plates.
* That unlike described by Bob Moore, acetone does not deteriorate metals.
* That the description of how Maurício used the Urim and Thummim to translate the plates is incompatible with the way in which they were designed and used by Joseph Smith.
* Ether 4: 6,7 contains a prophecy that clearly indicates that the sealed portion of the plates would not be revealed in our times.
* That Maurício's plates contain counterfeit elements by the avowed criminal Mark Hofmann.
* That Bob Moore, one of the original witnesses, saw several inconsistencies over time and in the translation of the allegedly sealed party and denied the testimony he believed he had received.
* That Maurício published under his authorship an article whose content was in the most part plagiarized.

This document will be edited and expanded as new information becomes available.


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