Many people ask us if the plates that we saw are truly the plates containing the Book of Mormon.

Short answer is - NO!

We believe that there are 1 of 3 scenarios which occurred:  

  1.  Mr. Berger intentionally engaged in perpetrating fraud on the Saints of God with commissioning the production of plates, in which he was involved.

  2.  Mr. Berger came across some plates, previously commissioned to be made, and concocted a scheme surrounding them in order to perpetrate fraud on the Saints of God.

  3.   Mr. Berger met up with the adversary disguised as a "Spirit of Light", who gave him or directed him to false plates.

We believe that the first scenario is the most plausible, however, in light of many other "gold plates" which have surfaced in Panama and perhaps elsewhere, the second scenario may also be plausible.

There are many extensive published reviews of the alleged ancient relics which Mr Berger claims were given to him by what he claims was an angel sent from God, named "Moroni".   Some of those reviews are available on this website, or can be viewed by following the links associated with the article.  We have included those articles which are most compelling on this website for ease of discovery.  We may or may not agree with all of the statements or conclusions, rather we post them for your consideration.

An Analysis of the Alleged Brazilian Translation of The Sealed Book of Mormon by Luiz Botelho 


Plates Compared by Ron Smith


INDISPUTABLE Evidence That the Sealed Portion of Mauricio Berger’s “Golden Plates” Include Convicted Murderer/Counterfeiter Mark Hofmann’s 1980 “Anthon Transcript” Forgery Symbols & That His “Sword of Laban” Is Fake Because His Pictures Show Three Completely Different Objects, None of Which Match Nephi’s Description By David M. Price

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