“similar to what happened to Joseph did not have to wash my feet…because I am one of the 144 thousand high priests anointed by an angel. Jesus said that John the Baptist was the greatest of the prophets on earth, but that the least angel in the heavens is greater than John. I have been anointed by an angel, so I a fully conscious that my mission is to serve my fellow man and not to be served. When I appoint Joseph and Jospeh to appoint other high priests, it is necessary that he, the greatest leader of the church in Zion and I in Brazil, show others that we are the minors and servants of out brothers, so that they never put themselves in the position of superior in the church of Christ. Because if the president of the church washed his feet, then he has to be aware that he also has to be the youngest of them all.” (photo 1) oct 26, 2018

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